• Walhalla introduces fresh air into the Spanish cloud market with Walhalla Cloud, a powerful Virtual Data Center at an irresistible price, much more competitive than the main competitors in the Spanish cloud market.

  • Walhalla is excited to take the Spanish cloud market to another level, democratizing the use of powerful cloud solutions in a Tier IV Data Center with maximum guarantees, but at very affordable prices.

  • The product is offered 100% through the partner channel, like all Walhalla solutions.

  • Walhalla has opened the product in beta phase, expecting a final launch to production in the next few weeks.

  • Walhalla has organized webinars where it will inform about its new solution, and will also be present at @aslan presenting the product.   

Castellón, 26th February 2020. Walhalla continues the changes derived from its new phase, this time launching a new virtual Data Center solution (Walhalla Cloud). Walhalla has historically presented a more premium approach; however, in its desire for continuous improvement, in this new phase it seeks to democratize the use of the cloud by making its Tier IV data center accessible to a much wider range of companies. Walhalla wants to offer solutions with the maximum guarantees at much more affordable prices than customers are used to so far.

Walhalla Cloud is a powerful virtual data centre that offers all the features that any customer would expect in a robust and complete cloud solution that allows a wide range of use cases to be addressed. Among the most outstanding features we can find a powerful SDN network (including private networks, firewall, balancer as a service and floating IPs), very high availability with multi-node storage replication, multiple storage options (hot/cold, block, file or object/S3), OpenStack API, Kubernetes and an easy-to-use management dashboard.

The solution is offered at a very aggressive price that starts at 10 € per month for a virtual server with 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM and 50 GB disk. The billing model is totally predictable, including for example unlimited transfer and avoiding surprises with unexpected prices. Walhalla Cloud has three types of servers (VPS HDD, VPS SSD, Cloud Server) that offer different levels of availability, performance and prices so that customers can choose the solution that best suits them.

Walhalla Cloud supports public (shared hardware), private (dedicated hardware) and hybrid (combining both) cloud options, and also offers a 99.99% guaranteed SLA system with an interesting new feature: compensation in case of failure. Walhalla firmly believes that the best way to avoid incidents is to lose turnover if there are any, and therefore it will compensate its customers in that case.

Walhalla Cloud offers a quality/price balance unmatched in the Spanish cloud market, much better than the main competitors in the market today. In order to prove this, Walhalla includes on its website an analysis of the quality/price balance of the Walhalla Cloud solution against competitors such as 1&1 Ionos, Arsys, Acens, Gigas, Digital Ocean or Amazon.

The product is currently being offered in a beta phase. Walhalla encourages interested partners or customers to test its product and contribute with feedback to improve it. Registration for the beta can be done on their website.

Walhalla will hold two informative webinars about the product, one more business webinar on March 5th (registration here) and one technical training webinar on the solution on March 9th (registration here). Walhalla will also be present at the @aslan event in Madrid on March 10th and 11th. Walhalla will be joining its wholesaler Masscomm and will be available at stand 34. You can book a meeting with Javier Salcedo, Deputy CEO Walhalla, on this website, or also contact comercial@walhallacloud.com for any needs.

More information about the product can be found on the Walhalla website.


About Walhalla

Walhalla is the only Spanish cloud provider with a Tier IV Data Centre located in Spain, on which it provides housing and cloud services. Walhalla is a 100% Spanish owned company with a strong focus on security and regulatory compliance. It has been certified by the National Security Scheme at a high level, VMware Cloud Verified, ISO 20000 and 27001, among others. Walhalla has a 100% channel approach to the market, betting on a very close and personalized service. 

More information at www.walhallacloud.com , Walhalla's blog, LinkedIn and Twitter

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