Walhalla solutions

Our products allow you to cover a wide range of solutions and use cases. We explain some of them.

Virtuals servers

Deploy easily your virtual server in the cloud in minutes. Choose the size of the server, the operating system...
and ready in a few minutes!

Networking and security

Manage your entire network and security in a very simple way: roputers and virtual switches, firewalls, etc...


Our control panel will allow you to make any configuration very easily.


Ephemeral or persistent, by blocks or objects... you choose!


We help you to take the step to the cloud.


Tools for the migration to the cloud of your machines and your data.


Enjoy your virtual data center with all the necessary elements of security, communications, computing and storage, without worrying about the infrastructures.


For your data and your machines.


Servers, pcs, mobiles, tablets...

High availability

Possibility of local copy in the cloud.

Cost without surprises

Depending on the busy GB, with no additional hidden costs (no licenses, no data transfer, ...)


You can have your own cloud platform with our orchestrator, on hardware dedicated to you. Check configurations.


Great connectivity possibilities thanks to the SDN functionalities of our cloud platform.

Hybrid environments

You can connect your virtual data center in our cloud,
with your physical machines hosted where you decide.


From a simple backup
to a full backup environment.


Thanks to the cloud backup service
and our virtual data center,
you can configure environments
for disaster recovery in a fex steps.

Payment for use

Pay only for the resources you need, without incurring fixed infrastructure costs.


Different solutions depending
on the RTO and RPO desired.


Environment in high availability and with
backup in the cloud.


With the possibility of
cloud storage accessiblefrom any location.


Persistent and non-persistent desktops, to be able to
satisfy any need.

Desktop in the cloud

For linux and for windows.

Application virtualization

Share applications among
multiple users in remote mode.


Share files in the cloud among multiple users.


Servers, pcs, mobiles, tablets...


Synchronise your files on all your devices,
work from where you work.


Control of data location and version management and access log.

The best technical support for your projects

Service vocation

Service is in our DNA and is
a differential value for us.
We demand the maximum satisfaction from our customers and we adapt to them.

Technical experts from L1

Our level 1 support is composed of system and network administrators with an extensive experience that will solve
most of your queries.

Professional services

We offer you our technical experts to help you with your web server, your database, security, network configuration, performance analysis…

24x7 support

Support available at any time
of the year, 365 days a year.