Host your hardware
in our Tier IV

Host your infrastructure in our Tier IV Data Center to ensure maximum availability and security of your services. We offer you the greatest flexibility in terms of service configuration, and a very competitive price.

Why housing in Walhalla?

Tier IV Data Center

The best availability and security, certified by Uptime Institute. More about our DC.

Housing in Spain

Data center in Castellón with good communications and at an optimal distance from Madrid to Barcelona. Ideal for projects where you need a reliable main DC, or a second backup Data Center.

We adapt to you

Configurations of 1U, half rack, whole rack or cages. What you prefer.

Multiple network operators

Presence of different operators so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Connectivity services

Balanced and guaranteed Internet access between different operators, and connection to private networks: MPLS, VozIP, IP VPN, Dark Fiber, …

High density racks

Options from 16A to 48a, choose the one you need.

SLA 99,995%

Both in powet supply and network and communications. We do not just say it, we commit ourselves in writing.

24x7 365 days a year

Our support and remote hands are always available in case of any emergency.

Additional services

Monitoring, technical assistance, firewall, managed security, storage, backup.

Maximum regulatory compliance

National High Level Security Scheme, Data Center in Spain, General Data Protection Regulations,  ISOs 20000, 27001, 50001… with us you are calm.

Peace of mind

We offer configurations with power and connectivity included, so you have maximum peace of mind and there are no surprises in the price.

Our prices

We recomend our worry-free configurations that include physical space, energy, connectivity and 5 hours of remote hands a year for a fixed price per month.
Avoid surprises with the price!

We can also work customized configurations of space, energy and connectivity.
We adapt to you!


We have 42 Us useful racks for the customer, our racks are designed by Walhalla and have space to house PDUs, STS, ToR switches, fiber patched ... withour occupying the space available for the client.