Tier IV Data Center

Welcome to the only Spanish cloud provider which offers you a Tier IV Data Center.
The center is designed to guarantee the highest levels of availability and security

Advantages of our Data Center

Guaranteed availability

  • 2 transformation centers active all the time
  • 2 generators as backup
  • 1 emergency diesel generator set
  • 2 UPS’s that never exceed 70% load
  • Double bank of batteries in each UPS
  • All critical rooms duplicated
  • All electrical panels duplicated
  • Prefabricated electrical pipes, goodbye to cables
  • 2 fully independent air conditioning systems
  • Double operator room
  • All maintenance carried out without cuts by having 2N configuration
  • Early fire detection and automatic extinguishing system

Economy of use

  • High energy efficiency: PUE 1.15
  • ISO-50001 certification
  • Use of free-cooling system for 6,000h per year
  • Monitoring of the European CoC (Code of Conduct)

Remarkable security

  • Double perimeter fence
  • Video surveillance system in outer and inner perimeter
  • Electronic access on all doors
  • Biometric control in critical rooms
  • Private security in outer perimeter


  • Decentralization of the installation: absence of UPS, air conditioners, electrical panels and other industrial equipments in DC room
  • Without technical floor and with open corridors, we encapsulate the hot air inside the own rack

Know our Data Center

  • 2 own independent transformation centers
  • 1 interior sectioning center on plot
  • 2 gas engines for power generation and gas tank
  • 1 generator set in emergency
  • 2 independent UPS, with banks of duplicate batteries
  • Duplicate and independent electrical panels: all!
  • Duplicate and independent electrical channels: all!
  • 7,500 liters diesel tank, 12 hours autonomy in emergency

  • 2 independent air conditioning collectors
  • 4 independent air conditining units in DC
  • 2 units of cold water production
  • 2 air conditioners in each technical room
  • Double electrical connection to all equipment
  • 5,000l cold water tank, 6h autonomy in emergency

  • 2 rooms of independent operators
  • 2 independent entry ways
  • 2 independent internal distributions
  • Multiple internet operators
  • Fiber optics pre-connected and certified
  • Duplicate and independent critical rooms
  • Double perimeter fence or CCTV system in exterior and interior perimeter
  • Electronic access control all doors
  • Biometric control in critical rooms
  • Private security in outer perimeter
  • Early fire detection and automatic extinguishing system

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